Search Engine Optimization

SEO represents all the techniques to position the web pages of a website in the first results of Google, Yahoo, Bing…

Web referencing

Referencing a website: optimizing the position of a website

The steps of referencing a website must be done when the website is online. To make the website in the first position of the Internet users’ requests, it must be adapted for the search engines.

The trick is to define the keywords on which you want to be referenced. It is also necessary to improve the content of the Internet portal, by making it appear on other websites through links.

Referencing techniques, as points out, aim at registering an Internet portal in directories and search engines. The engines take a few parameters into account.

Paid referencing


Search engine advertising is opposed to natural referencing. The objective is to set up online advertising, more on

Choose your keywords

During the implementation of an SEO strategy, it is important to target your keywords and to study them carefully.


In order to optimize your website's SEO, it is preferable to create Google Ads paid campaigns.

Referencing audit

The SEO audit is a procedure that must be carried out in stages: analysing keywords, the competition, etc.


Semantic Netlinking

Semantics should not be contrasted with netlinking. Its goal is to privilege the power of links by working on a perfect contextualization.

Penalties for Google referencing

Google punishes websites that continue to manipulate its algorithm, such as the placement of abusive backlinks that it may classify as over-optimization.

Search engines

Google is not the only search engine available on the Internet. Bing, Yahoo, Qwant, Duck Duck Go... are many other examples.


The advantage of natural referencing is that it makes it possible to gain visibility during the searches of Internet users. –

This type of referencing represents an opportunity to improve the notoriety of a website or a company. Among the many criteria for optimizing the natural referencing of a website, is the implementation of an adaptive website, the speed of page loading… A web consultant can be of great help to optimize the referencing of your website. More on