How does a Google AdWords campaign work?

You want to improve your popularity, increase your sales? You can opt for the paid referencing of Google AdWords. Obviously, this strategy requires a budget. But if you develop an effective campaign, it can ensure a good return on investment. But how does it work?

The preliminary study: the must!

Don't want to waste your money unnecessarily? First of all, you need to do a thorough study. In this phase, you must set objectives: what will the Google Adwords campaign be used for? Is it to promote or launch a product, to increase awareness, to increase turnover, to boost traffic? Similarly, you must also set a target and a date for the start of your Google Adwords campaign. In any case, these different points will help you to better identify the best strategy to adopt for an effective Google Adwords campaign. In addition, you must also determine a budget for your Adwords referencing. The bidding system is still in place: the CPC or cost per click. This way, set a global and daily budget for your ads from the outset.

The choice of keywords

Keywords must be relevant and carefully chosen. Why should they be relevant? Because they will appear in your ad. In this step, we will proceed with the elaboration of the semantic universe to determine the most relevant keywords that have links with your activity. To achieve this, you can refer to various methods: brainstorming, analysis of your products, analysis of your customers or your target, benchmarking... Moreover, you can also use the keyword planning tool of Adwords or Übersuggest, to get some inspiration. This approach will allow you to identify strategic keywords. Once you have defined these keywords, you must then bid on them.

The final phase: the design of the ad!

Be aware that it is not because you have paid for an ad that you will appear on the first page. No! you must consider three essential points that are decisive for your ranking during your Google Adwords campaign:
  • the CPC max: of course, this will influence your ranking.
  • the quality of your ad: you need to design an eye-catching ad and define an interesting landing page that contains information that can meet readers' expectations. Don't forget to include the key words
  • the extension: a good use of the extension can help you get a better ranking
Look out! You must define in advance where your ad will be displayed: on the usual search network, on the display network (i.e. on the websites of the Google display network and on platforms such as YouTube and Gmail), on the search network and the mobile display network (i.e. ads will only appear on mobile and tablet devices) or in video ( i.e. on YouTube).

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