How to create a website for free?

You want to create a website without paying a penny? It is quite possible. Indeed, there are many tools that will allow you to create a beautiful and design website in a few minutes. Have no fear! No knowledge of HTML language and programming is generally necessary!

What kind of website can be created for free?

A website consists of several pages that are stored on a server. As soon as someone has access to the internet and types your URL in the browser, they can access your pages. In addition, anyone can create a website on the internet for free, whether it is a personal website, a professional website, a showcase..., depending on the type of software chosen. Moreover, currently, you can customize the pages as you wish at the time of the creation of the website. Nevertheless, in most cases, the functionalities are reduced if you use free software.

The different ways to create a website for free!

To start, before creating a website, you need a computer and a software. If you don't want to program directly in HTML, prefer the WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get software. By using this tool, you will be able to preview your website immediately. Of course, there are paid software and free software !! However, you can also use a web application framework to create a dynamic website. There are also CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla for free website creation. Finally, you can create a website for free online. Just select a free website editor. It is indeed the simplest and fastest solution. In a few minutes, you will be able to publish your page !!

What is a web host for?

Do you want the whole world to be able to see your pages? You need a host. Some are free, others are paid. However, with a few tools, you will be able to benefit from free hosting. So, read carefully the conditions before selecting a software or an editor to create a website on the internet for free. In addition, you must find a domain name. However, this is not a free process. Plan on average 10 euros. Nevertheless, by using Wifeo, you will get a free sub-domain. Warning! Free hosts often offer advertisements on your website or additional functionalities. While by choosing a paid host, you will benefit from a quality and secure service. This second option is also essential if the traffic exceeds 1000 visitors.

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