Why using paid referencing on Google AdWords?

Admittedly, the results of natural referencing are slow. However, there is a way to appear in the first Google searches without making any effort: Adwords referencing. But what is it? And what are the main advantages of this strategy?

What is paid Google AdWords SEO?

Google Adwords is Google's advertising agency. It is an advertising platform that has been gaining ground in recent years. You want to use paid referencing on Google Adwords? The principle is simple: advertising space is sold to advertisers who want to appear in the first search results. Here, keywords are auctioned off. And companies only pay for the number of clicks they get. This is the CPC or cost-per-click system. This sponsored keyword campaign is very effective in boosting its visibility, to increase turnover..., provided that an attractive advertisement is put in the foreground, which will give Internet users the desire to click and a landing page rich in information.

Why choose Google Adwords?

Your website lacks visibility? This is an opportunity to make your platform visible in search engines immediately (in less than 10 minutes). Using paid referencing on Google Adwords is a wise choice. Indeed, Adwords referencing is a profitable investment. If you appear in the first results, you will have great chances to get more clicks ... Moreover, the ad will also appear on Gmail, on other partner search engines such as Free and AOL, on personal websites and on Smartphone applications. Similarly, Google has put in place tools allowing advertisers to track the campaign. Thus, they will be informed in real time of the results. In addition, you have total control over your ad, your budget and your landing page. You set a daily budget and a deadline, and when the quota is reached, the ad will be withdrawn and re-published the next day. The advantage of Adwords referencing ? You only pay according to the number of clicks obtained. Finally, it is a very effective strategy to generate quality traffic!

Are there any disadvantages?

Of course there are! It is not enough to win the auction to appear on the first page. No, other criteria come into play:
  • the quality of the ad
  • the landing page
  • the extension
This way, a better quality ad will be able to get a better ranking even if it had the second place during the auction. Moreover, using paid referencing on Google AdWords can be a real asset for a company. Except that if it is badly used, it can lead to a considerable financial loss! Hence the interest of carrying out an in-depth study before the start of the campaign.

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