Natural referencing methodology

A good natural SEO will certainly be beneficial for a website on all points. It is a free method that first of all allows you to gain a better position in search engines. But what is the best methodology to adopt to improve its SEO?

Audit and keyword research

The audit is an essential step if you want to successfully complete your project. It is an SEO audit of your website. This step should allow you to determine :
  • if your pages are optimized or not
  • if there are any blocking factors
  • what is your current position
  • which pages (as well as keywords) are best referenced what is the current level of traffic
  • what are the strong points of your website and the added values
  • what are the different actions already carried out
  • and what are your competitors' strengths
Look out! This is essential. It will allow you to know the state of your website and to define the most efficient SEO methodology. Then, you must determine the strategic keywords. The objective? To use expressions with high traffic potential. You can use free or paid tools to help you find the most effective keywords to maximize quality traffic to your website.

Website optimization

In this part of natural SEO methodology, we will take into account the various aspects of your platform:
  • natural referencing on page: you need to re-examine your website so that all the elements correspond to the requirements of the search engines: informative content, structure, reduced loading time, etc.
  • off-page referencing: improving the visibility of your page is very important. Therefore, look for ways to achieve this by, for example, making exchange links, staying active in social networks, registering in the major search engines and directories, etc.
  • the optimization of old pages: of course, this step requires a lot of time. But it is really worth it !!! For example, you can modify and update your old texts to boost traffic, create thematic pages...


Tracking is an essential part of the SEO methodology. Indeed, it allows you to evaluate the results of your efforts. Use different tools to know your current positioning, the results of your actions (number of contacts, visit rate...), the number of indexed pages... Look out! Even if you have had good results, natural referencing is a continuous work. You must therefore set up a team of professionals capable of managing this branch!

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