What is AdWords referencing?

To improve the visibility of a website, a company must work on its natural referencing. However, to obtain immediate results, it can opt for paid referencing or SEA to have its page displayed in the first results of search engines. But what is meant by AdWords referencing?

What exactly is AdWords referencing?

We will first talk about Google AdWords. Indeed, it is an advertising website from Google. Ads will appear in search results when a user types a keyword purchased by the advertiser. However, advertisements are not always text. It is also possible to advertise on a Youtube video. At first glance, we can say that Adwords referencing can be interesting !! However, before starting the Google Adwords campaign, it is very important to make a complete analysis and establish an effective strategy to not throw money out of the window.

Google AdWords: how does it work?

If you plan to display ads on Google AdWords, it does indeed represent a cost. Why is that? Because Adwords referencing is paying. However, this is an auction system. The procedure is simple. The same keywords will be auctioned to companies. Of course, only the best offers will appear on the first page. So, even if you opt for paid advertising, don't think that your ad will automatically appear on the first page. The ranking depends on several factors. In addition, the amount is fixed per click. It is also called "cost per click" (CPC). Please note! The advertiser who won the auction will only pay the amount just above his competitor. For example, if he bid 2.5 euros and his competitor bid 2.1 euros, he will only pay 2.2 euros per click.

The position: how to get the best place?

Obviously, when you opt for Adwords referencing, several elements should be taken into account to determine the ranking, namely : the CPC max: whoever offers the best deal will normally get the best position, but not always! the quality of the ad: it must be relevant. Also, the landing page must propose the same theme as the keywords typed by the Internet users. They must be consistent. If the keywords are about surgery, the reader should expect content about surgery and not real estate. the structure of the ad: use extensions if you want to increase your chances of appearing on the first page Thus, for a successful Google Adwords campaign, carry out a thorough study before bidding and do not hesitate to call on professionals to write a so-called "catchy" ad, capable of capturing the attention of Internet users.

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